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  2. About the template
  3. Things you really need to know
  4. Server side requirements
  5. Basic setup
  6. Subscribers management
  7. Sources & credits
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Coming Soon Responsive Template

Thank you for purchasing this theme. If you have any questions simply use themeforest comments section to communicate with us. Please check out this documentation before posting your questions. Bear in mind that questions added through themeforest comments module can be helpful for other people who purchased this template just like they can be helpful for solving your problems.

Thanks once again!

About the template


This coming soon template is a single page HTML5 theme armed with some cool features and options - built with standard Less edition of Bootstrap from Twitter.

For successful editing you should know basics of the HTML5 and LESS/CSS specifications. you should know basics of Bootstrap Framework from Twitter if you want to make some bigger changes. Also basic knowledge of jQuery library would be recommended if you would like to change behaviour of any element builtin this template.

This template has .php extension due to contact form implemented in Contact section and newsletter form which can be found in Subscribers section.

LinedUp Coming Soon Template comes in 5 color variants - blue (default), light blue, black, red, violet. Navigate to images/backgrounds/ to check out the backgrounds. If You want to make your own colors then use patterns.psd source file to generate your own images.

Things you really need to know

Please do not skip this section before submitting questions about making changes in template.

LinedUp Coming Soon template was created with:


Server side requirements

LInedUp Coming Soon Template has some basic requirements:


Basic setup

Things you need to do for successful configuration of LinedUp.

  1. Connect to your FTP server and upload all files from the html folder to your server. If you dont have any FTP manager then I recommend the Filezilla or Total Commander.

  2. Once the files are in place navigate to your hosting control panel and locate a tool for MySQL database management - one of the most popular is phpmyadmin.
  3. Create new database and user that will have full permissions for operating on that database.
  4. Import the newsletter.sql file to your database - it will create "emails" table where all e-mails will be stored.

  5. Open libs/subscribe/config.php file and define (simply edit current values in quotes):

    1. Password that will be required for successful logging in to admin panel (admin is a default password)
    2. Database host
    3. Database user
    4. Database password
    5. Database name
  6. Open libs/sendmail.php and change the $sendto = 'youremail@example.com'; to your desired e-mail address where all e-mails will be send by contact form.
  7. Open libs/custom.js and navigate to line 133 where you will find: date: "17 may 2013 12:00:00"  - and change it to date when your website will be ready. Clocks on the main page will adjust. You can also define an additional callback function.

  8. Open index.php and navigate to line 99 - change the data-percentage value to adjust the progress bar animation.

Subscribers management

LinedUp allows you to export all of your subscribers to a CSV file.

To access this feature navigate to http:///www.yourwebsite.com/libs/subscribe/admin.php

Enter password that you configured on top of the libs/subscribe/config.php

Hit the Export to CSV now! button to export all of your subscribers to a CSV file or simply copy and paste all subscribers to your e-mail application.

Sources & credits

LinedUp Coming Soon template uses the following libraries:

Fonts used in this template are from Google Fonts library:

We've also included 2 PSD files:


Once again thanks for purchasing this template. As I said at the beginning I'd be happy to help you if you have any questions regarding this theme. No guarantees, but I'll try to do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" forum.